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-= Why Iran will not be attacked =-


Why Iran will not be attacked:

To prevent world war and create UNIVERSAL PEACE

All without a tesla plasma dome would die (99% of the worlds population) people that understand this because they have been tortured with the scalar weapons know this so they are united against a world war forever.

Iran has allowed inspections so Iran is definitely not producing a nuclear weapon which is clear from this fact!

Israel has nuclear weapons though it claims not to so sanctions against Israel would be appropriate, sanctions against Iran would not.

To prevent world war and becoming the aggressor country and instigators of world war 3 Israel is advised not to attack Iran.

Iran Nuclear Weapon to Take Year or More, Obama Says

Published: March 14, 2013 New York Times

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Breaches:

Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Doctor Kissinger, Professor Eric Pianka, Ted Turner of C N N headquarters in Atlanta home of the Georgia Guidestones and Half a million cadaver boxes stored out in the open near Madisson (see for bookquotes proving their incitement to commit genocide).

Everyone please help to prevent another (nuclear scalar M A D) world war and create universal peace.

Even with nukes Iran can not pose a threat to Israel because Israel has several missile shields to ward of I C B M's.

stop g, m o says:August 16, 2011 at 6:03 am
The wars are much bigger than the riots and much more costly. Should we not condemn the wars in stead?

No! We should prevent another world war by any means necessary and create Universal Peace in stead of condemning we should take actions.

Why Iran will not be attacked:

1) President Medvedev warned: attack on Iran will endanger the entire world. Not would or could: will. Source: Haaretz. The Russian president probably means that an attack on Iran will endanger the entire world if it would occur, not that it would occur. Translated from Russian of course.

2) Several big banks with shadow government status according to many like Goldman Sachs and Citibank have opened branches in Iran.

3) Mutually assured destruction. They want the infrastructure to remain intact so other methods of (illegal) population reduction genetically engineered viruses and foods that turn the stomach into pesticide factories. E coli used to genetically modify organisms, slow kill vaccine injections and Ebola chemtrail fall out would be used in violation of the genocide convention to lower the risk something happens to themselves and that risk is real during a world war.

4) Exploding planet risk. A world war starting between Israel and Iran dragging in the super powers that are allies of Iran (Russia and China) versus the allies of Israel (The U S and European countries) could result in an exploding planet quantum potential or scalar weapons being real and would surely result in M A D so people will go to great lengths to prevent it and create Universal Peace in stead.

5) Many experts covered on Alex Jones Infowars have been saying Iran would be attacked for years. It did not happen.

6) Nuclear fall out would create a nuclear winter and possibly trigger the next ice age possibly wiping out the human race. People do not want to be wiped out, people want to live. Survival is all.

7) On top of all this some people would declare you insane if you claim Israel will attack Iran.
2 bonus reasons why Israel will not attack Iran:
8) Israel would be destroyed in retaliation by Iran and its allies either fully or partially.

9) The Americans already have several wars or peace missions, troops in several countries and the illuminazi bankstazi baal out to worry about.Time = energy

Gasmasks with N B C filters, mosquito nets.


The nuclear power plants of Iran have been supplied with nuclear fuel. Bombing the Iranian nuclear facilities would create a disaster by itself.


Don't attack Iran, Russia starkly warns Israel and U.S. | National Post
If ISRAEL, US & UK attack IRAN - CHINA will launch NUCLEAR WORLD War 3 - Major General Zhang Zhaozhong 


Iran can not pose a threat to Israel not even with nuclear weapons because Israel has several missile shields to ward of I C B M's.


Change insane preemptive nuclear doctrine back to normal. Never stop trying to get rid of all nuclear weapons, mutually assured disarmament will take place sooner or later.

Because people are not stupid enough to annihalate themselves mutually assured destruction will not occur but mutually assured disarmament will.

Earth spinning of axis risk bigger than exploding planet earth risk. Earth already wobbling according to scientists. 350 million Atmosphere pressure on earths molten inner core?


Iodine pills. Gasmask. Radiological Waterfilter. Storable food (rice, peanutbutter etcetera, grow your own food cheaper).


Are Irans allies china and Russia a threat to the U S?
China 'hiding up to 3,000 nuclear warheads in secret tunnels'China could have up to 3,000 nuclear warheads, far higher than the current estimates, which range from 80 to 400, according to the Post:

All brains are scanned with synthetic telepathy (Echelon etcetera, Malech patent remotely monitorring and altering brain waves, brain control).

It is vital to understand creating a world war to depopulate the earth and create a New World Order is in violation of the Genocide Convention and people are cought if they do it because they are monitorred there are always witnesses to their planned illegal D population agenda and nobody without a Tesla Plasma Dome the republic of China has would survive.

See picture of dome on super cool male dot blog dot com.


1. Iran can not pose a threat to Israel not even with nuclear weapons because Israel has several missile shields which are able to ward of I C B M's but the insane preemptive nuclear doctrine and senate resolution 65 combined with the fact that the popes are new world order conspiracy theorists because they endorse a new world order is making the intent of the Jesuit pedophiles with their satanic inner core to depopulate the earth and create a new world order through the means of world war clear which means we must get rid of the Jesuits to end the world war (would they fail to prevent it or would Adolfo Nicholas deliberately create it) and save billions of lifes.

The Jesuits are not in power because they where expelled permanently so everybody that pretends they are in power or in control is a liar.

2. Iran has allowed inspections so it is clear Iran is not making a nuclear weapon.The inspectors made clear they are not certain and have no evidence whatsoever that proves Iran would be trying to produce a nuclear weapon, no evidence at all making clear their intent is to create a world war to create a new world order, not to prevent a world war and create Universal Peace.
If there is no other way to prevent a planned world war a timer bomb could be used against people that have planned a world war or genocide but only if they have the means to create a world war or genocide otherwise it would be illegal and I am opposed to an illegal population reduction (in violation of the Genocide Convention).
Get radiological water filter, storable food, prepare to survive their planned world war. Please help expose and arrest the criminals that have planned the genocide and get rid of them some other way if their is no other way to prevent a population raduction with 50 (doctor Kissinger) to 99% (Ted Turner C N N) see book quotes proving this on my blog,

please press charges before you are eliminated by them
Also see:

World warning

Senate Resolution 65:

If Israel is compelled to take military action in self-defense against Iran's nuclear weapons program the U.S. government should provide Israel with diplomatic, military, and economic support.

If there is no attack how can it be self defense?

Irans nuclear weapons program is for peaceful perp us es and N P T article 4 ensures Irans right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Further more Iran has allowed inspections so it is clear they have no nuclear weapons programs.

Because Israel has several missile shields which are able to ward of I C B M's (Iron dome for example) it is clear that Iran can not pose a threat to Israel and therefore self defense is ruled out completely therefore senate resolution 65 is not usable unless Israels missile shield would be eliminated.

On top of this Israel has nuclear weapons according to sources so sanctions against Israel would be appropriate.

Will they come back as Dolphin submarines with nuclear weapons?

(posted by Is Ra Hell?)

Jane's Defence Weekly reports that the Dolphin class submarines are believed to be nuclear armed, offering Israel both a first strike and a second strike capability (source: C I A and Vatican edited Wikipedia Dolphin-class_submarine article).


The resolution 65 makes clear it has to be self defense against Iran so no military support if Netanyahoo strikes Israel alone.
Senate Resolution 65 states literally:" if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran's nuclear weapons program, the United States Government should stand with Israel ..."PLEASE NOTE THE WORD 'LEGITIMATE' PRECEDING 'SELF-DEFENSE'. THIS IS MORE PRECISE (AND LESS GENERAL) THAN SELF-DEFENSE WITHOUT THE MODIFIER 'LEGITIMATE', and actually appears to call for confirmation why the self-defence action (if taken) is indeed legitimate.
Also please note that the resolution uses the words "... if  Israel is COMPELLED to take military action ..." This would require a hostile act committed by Iran which would FORCE Israel to take military action. 


Yet another careful phrase used in the resolution is the following:
"Nothing in this resolution shall be construed as an authorization for the use of force or a declaration of war." So it is not permissible to consider this resolution as containing a declaration of war against Iran (which is what your interpretation seems to be).

Since there is no evidence what so ever that proves Iran would be producing a nuclear weapon it is clear attacking Iran would be an unforgiveable act of violence, not self defense.

Also because Iran has not attacked Israel yet and it is not planning to do so because Iran has no nuclear weapons, Israel does, it would not be self defense if Israel would attack Iran so Resolution 65 to get military support from the U S can not be used.Israel does have nuclear weapons according to various sources so sanctions against Israel would be appropriate, not against Iran.
Pictures of Irans nuclear facilities are not evidence that shows Iran would be producing a nuclear weapon. People who think that are insane.
Universal. Peace. Now.


Statements of people that incited to commit genocide with their book quotes:

These quotes of doctor Henry Kissinger and others are examples of direct and public incitement to commit genocide.

World population needs to be decreased by 50%”

Dr. Henry Kissinger quoted in the book The Final Days

A total world population of 125 to 350 million people. A 95 percent decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

Ted Turner interview with Audubon magazine (Agenda 21, book ECO science).

And, I actually think the world will be much better off when only 10 or 20 percent of us are left.”

Professor Eric Pianka book The Vanishing Book of Life on Earth. and statements on C N N.


Please press charges before they get the chance to eliminate you and your families, use the Genocide Convention. A rectification rather than a prison sentence may be asked for but it is up to the judge what the sentence shall be.


I predict Snowden.

The 99% of the worlds population is on your side to help to prevent the genocide.


Evidence Shows Norway Terror Attack a False FlagClaim.

Youths Offered Money To Start Riots. For more superior quality information see my


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Joe Biden demonstration for modern and humane guillotine at REX84 FEMA camp Denver, Colorado'

The guilloteen was invented by a Jesuit.

See youtube video Joe Biden's FEMA guillotine:

Not a U F O making a crop circle but a Scalar Orb (S O) (see vid below).

FIPA array Poker Flat Alaska, Frequency Independent Phased Array antennas: through the wall radar, not microwaves nor satellites nor mazers, Nikola Tesla's wireless energy technology. The same tech use to torture directed energy weapon torture victims to death.

Illegal crop circle scalar orbs making illegal crop circles. HAARP and other ionospheric heaters. These orbs where also called foo fighters during the second world war and seen flying next to the Concorde:


The newsagency reporting this appears to be genuine (test everything you learn, use startpage search engine or whatever).

2010-07-17 Taiwan Pyramid UFO in Lightning:

Put this page on a C D ROM as evidence to survive E M P!


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